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Our society is facing both social and environmental challenges nowadays. The world is changing fast and the role of companies with it. I’ve founded N!ce head for my clothing passion but more important to give a contribution, always figuring out new ways to be the more effective possible. Passionate about MeetUp I’ve discovered Brand the Change in Amsterdam, participating is a good opportunity to grow skills and network, furthermore during the session is easy to get inspiring ideas thanks to meaningful workshops and engaging brainstorms.

Brand the Change

The MeetUp was created by Anne Miltenburg to give extra exposure to merging brands that operate in social and environmental business. Why big corporate can have a massive audience to promote their (bad impacting) products, and small companies with a social predominant are destined to the oblivion? To answer this question and many others, Anne wrote the book Brand the Change and created a MeetUp where people can give their contribution to entrepreneurs socially and environmentally engaged. 

About the workshops


The goal of each meeting is to challenge a brand regarding different points of view. For instance, during a session was necessary to assign different brand personalities to a company and analyze the results with the ultimate goal of defining possible inconsistencies or visual elements that people could misunderstand.

N!ce Head was one of the protagonists of the MeetUp titled “Rethink My Brand” focused on figuring out how people could come across the brand, and how to rethink its audience. At the beginning, participants had to come out with a story about someone that could conceivably express interest in the brand. During the second part was my turn figuring out in which situations they could encounter the brand. 

The session offered me some interesting advices: 

Rethink my audience in a way that allows me to find costumers out of my target. 

Support specific causes to increase the engagement of my followers.              

More extensive use of graphics and texts to make statements and give people the feeling of being part of a valuable project.


Conclusion: Build a Brand based on a strong Why

Explain why you do what you do is the key to a successful brand, Apple defined its image as disruptor encouraging people to think differently. The image of the geek rebel is so powerful that even though competitors have reached Apple’s technology, the company still the top player in the quality consumer electronics. The story of Apple can be easily shaped by social brands defining the why as a central element and developing different ways to communicate it.

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