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The Biodiversity in Madagascar

The role of the biodiversity Biodiversity plays a major role in increasing productivity of an ecosystem where each species has a niche so that an ecosystem can thrive. For example, plant diversity ensures variety of fruits being produced. Animal diversity allows sustainability for all life in an ecosystem and a diverse ecosystem is more likely […]

Importance of Bees and The Artists Who Support Them

The role of bees for the environment Bees are one of the most abundant forms of life in the world. What is great about these little bees is that they are great at pollinating crops. Actually, they are the world’s most important pollinator in the world. How important are they? Well it is estimated that […]

Nice Head at Brand The Change

Our society is facing both social and environmental challenges nowadays. The world is changing fast and the role of companies with it. I’ve founded N!ce head for my clothing passion but more important to give a contribution, always figuring out new ways to be the more effective possible. Passionate about MeetUp I’ve discovered Brand the […]

Lookbook at the Junkyard in Italy


For the first drop of N!ce Head we thought that the most meaningful place to set a Lookbook was a junkyard, vehicles are destroyed and transformed in metal ready to be use for several new purposes. Besides some hilarious moments that we had with workers there, the shooting end up perfectly and the final result […]